If you give only one gift this year, make it a really good gift!

Whether you #OptOutside for Black Friday this year or kick-start your holiday shopping right away, we have the same message for holiday shoppers—gift this in 2016: Fujifilm Instax Wide 300

After spending nearly one year with this camera, we are certain that it is a gift that anyone would want to receive. It’s affordable, costing somewhere between $90-$105 depending on its sale price. It's really easy to usejust load the batteries, film, and then press one button to capture and release the photo. It is an ideal ice-breaker. Have nothing to say to someone but want to connect? Take an Instax of a moment and give it to them. You'll miss the 75 cents it costs in one slide of film less then you will the value of sentiment that it provides. It produces instant gratification and tangible memories that you can give and share with loved ones and people you don't yet know. And most importantly, Instax photos are just super cool, especially for sharing on social media and for creating retro-inspired spaces (see footer photo.)

It may look familiar—most of us who are 30-years and older recall instamatic photography from the dawn of our youth. We then called it "Polaroid" after the brand that produced it; today we call it "Instax", created by Fujifilm. Click the button, watch the photo dispense, then wave it in the air as if helping to expedite the development process (this doesn’t really work by the way)... it the most nostalgic form of photography for Gen-X'ers. It is clear that these cameras are becoming more and more popular with younger crowds as well, proved by countless conversations we have had with people of all ages from all over the world while exploring our national parks this year... "You have the Instax Wide? I have an Instax Mini!"  

During our 2016 travels we've been geared-up to the nines and have plenty of gift recommendations for the outdoors-people in your lives... that list is available in a separate post. In the meantime, we wanted to suggest one stand-alone item that will inspire those who are difficult-to-shop for and/or “have everything and need nothing." So, here you go! Instax, for the best possible price on Amazon. And don't forget to buy film

For more information about the Instax Wide 300, head to the Fujifilm official site. To see more Instax photos from our adventure this year, check out our Instax gallery page.

This is what we are doing with our Instax photos... decorating the Airstream, our home on the road!