100 Years & 100 Adventures

If you or anyone around you ever feels bored, know that there are at least 100 ways to entertain yourself in America’s National Parks  we can prove it. Outlined below is a small snapshot of experiences we've had in our parks this year ... 100 of them in honor of the centennial anniversary of the Park Service ... just a pinky-toe dip in an ocean of wilderness!

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A sample of 100 experiences we've had in 37 national parks this year...ordered below as can be seen line by line, left to right. 

1.    Gear up and go for a hike

2.   Gaze at the moon

3.   Come face to face with American wildlife

4.   Go birding!

5.    Kayak through canyons

6.    Drive through a mountain

7.    Share a moment

8.    Find your solitude

9.    Snap a photo

10.  Goof off

11.   Play in sand dunes beneath pink sky

12.   Encounter unusual installation art

13.   Find your relaxness

14.   Ride a mule

15.   Enter the underworld

16.   Share a picnic

17.    See a rare spring superbloom

18.    Learn about mysterious scientific phenomena

19.   See the world’s oldest living thing, the Bristlecone pine tree!

20.   Capture the perfect shot

21.     Stand upon a dried up ancient lake bed

22.    Hike through waterfalls

23.   Walk to the bottom of the grandest of canyons

24.   Create visual art

25.    Experience historic hot springs

26.   Climb to the states’ highest rooftops

27.     Tackle a monster trail

28.    Walk through a covered bridge

29.    Celebrate amazing geology

30.    Go fishing in the river

31.      Kayak through mangrove trees

32.     Laugh

33.     Relive old memories

34.     Create new memories

35.      Fly a kite

36.      Seek the unusual

37.       Go exploring in the world’s largest cave system

38.      See things in a new way

39.      Sit in a meadow

40.     Relax on the water

41.       Jump through the air

42.     Catch the rare Yosemite moonbow

43.     Greet the sunrise

44.     Go for a drive

45.     Come together

46.     Capture star trails

47.      Try out new gear

48.   Hop on a boat with the NPS

49.     Compose a moment

50.     Pack up your pals and go for a walk

51.       Drive into the clouds

52.      See the milky way galaxy

53.      Learn about native American history

54.      Build a snowperson

55.       See petroglyphs

56.       Sit in the surf

57.        Witness iconic places

58.       Eat a great local meal

59.       Go ice climbing

60.       Learn from a National Park Service ranger

61.        See 225-year-old petrified wood

62.       Hike to iced-over waterfalls

63.       Wander through ancient cyprus forests

64.      Go crabbing

65.       Camp on the beach

66.       Look at the stars

67.        Explore waterfalls

68.       Photograph wildlife

69.       Make something

70.       Watch the sea

71.         Fish for halibut

72.        Drive the great roads

73.        Stand up paddle in icy fjords

74.        Build a campfire

75.       Paddle on a mirrored lake

76.       Learn your outdoor gear

77.        Cross something off of your bucket list

78.        Fly in a sea place

79.       Shrink beneath the giant sequoia trees

80.      Walk in the woods

81.     Sit on the side of a mountain with wildflowers

82.       Let wildlife take your breath away in the best possible way

83.       Explore the oceans

84.       Canoe epic waterways

85.       Read inspiring books

86.       Capture quiet moments

87.        Cross foot bridges

88.        Backpack the High Sierras

89.        Explore by way of houseboat

90.       Sleep in the wilderness

91.         Drive through a tree

92.        Stand on historic Route 66

93.       Travel by bush plane

94.       Step onto the beach

95.       Take in the sunset

96.    Ride bikes with your posse

97.       Watch the sunset in the American southwest

98.      Climb a rock, THE rock

99.      Jump for joy

100.  #FindYourPark