Illustration: Everglades National Park in Florida

The more I doodle with the Apple Pencil, the more I think about creating a "collection." I've decided not to, in a general sense. I mean, I plan to create many, many drawings inspired by these adventures in our national parks, but they will most likely not be a cohesive collection. The reason is this: there are too many smart features within the digital art apps I am using to focus on any one style. 

It's rather symbolic as I see it -- every park is so different, and I am a little bit different and newly inspired each time I pick up the Pencil. Line drawings, sketches, pop-style art, watercolor, charcoal -- there are so many different effects to use and I want to explore them all. 

For this illustration I went monochromatic because in my mind's eye of the Everglades, the entire place is washed with blue (although when I envision the mangrove trees, it is washed green.) But I decided on blue because I recall this park most as a vast and calming water-world, and color theory tells me that blue suits that memory. 

Anyway, this is drawing #002 in my haphazard collection. Another to come soon!

— Stefanie