Everglades National Park gallery is live!

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support during our kickoff of the Greatest American Road Trip. We are really excited to share our experience from Everglades National Park in southern Florida. Please view, share, and enjoy!

Jonathan and Stefanie



"I'm Going to 59 Parks in 52 Weeks"

"I'm Going to 59 Parks in 52 Weeks"

59 parks in 52 weeksthat’s fewer than one per weekand it’s all happening by road, save a few plane rides to reach island destinations. Everybody I’ve told seems genuinely excited for me. I am excited for me. And I am excited for Jon, my sig-O and better half, with whom I’ve dreamed about this project for over a year. In four weeks, we’ll be packing up an Airstream trailer and heading out on what we think will be the Greatest American Road Trip—visiting all 59 U.S. National Parks during 52 weeks to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the U.S. National Park Service.

Good lord, it’s really happening. Honestly, we didn’t think it actually would. When I mount all of the obstacles that have stood between the red and green light on this project, I can’t see a clear line between the two. At some point, we became so invested in the idea that we decided that we were all in and just needed to go for it. It was then we started quietly planning.