Best Burgers on St. John: Skinny Legs

We weren't necessarily seeking out good eats while exploring Virgin Islands National Park, but they found us all the same. "Be sure to stop at Skinny Legs for the best burger of your life on your way to the east side of the island," we were told. Arms twisted. And on an island with only one major road, it really was on the way. Coming over a mountain S-curve smoke billows in sight and scent from a real smokehouse barbecue, charring burgers to perfection at Skinny Legs. You can't miss it.

We went in, sat at a table, ordered up two local beers and two cheeseburgers and checked out the island kitsch that decorated the walls while we waited. We chatted about what we would do that day on the second half of our multi sport adventure, a conversation that was easily derailed by the arrival of our lunch
straight-from-the-barbecue-tasting burgers amazing as they can only be when tasting like they were made at a neighborhood cookout put on by your friend-group's favorite foodie. We all have one of those friends, right? The reigning grill master?

Definitely the place to stop in Coral Bay. No muss, no fuss, just good eats on this stop along the road.

9901 Estate Emmaus, St. John, VI 00830