Acadia National Park

The Best Lobster Roll Near Acadia National Park?

No matter where we travel, we always make a point to taste the local flavor—you can learn a lot about the culture of a place by chowing on eats that you might find on a Sunday dinner table. In Maine the quest was easy: find the best lobster roll near Acadia National Park. As travelers working a photo project, we grouped it with a scenic drive that we were told by a local at the Thirsty Whale in Bar Harbor (our favorite eatery in town) was a more beautiful route back to the Interstate than its alternative, traveling about the same distance.

There is something so summery and magical about ordering off of an outdoor wall menu! 

There is something so summery and magical about ordering off of an outdoor wall menu! 

In the town of Bucksport off of route 46, we made a stop at Carrier’s Mainely Lobster, a go-to for locals and a summer favorite in central Maine. They pride themselves on having some of the freshest lobster in the area, and we can vouch -- it was as fresh-tasting as lobster can be. On the wall of the outdoor eatery are lobster nets and buoys (perfect Instax fodder), and a roster of local lobstermen who captain the lobster boats catching the daily feed. The youngest at the time of our visit was 13, the oldest, in his 70s. 

Maine lobster rolls, curly seasoned fries, crisp slaw, and a couple of sodas was the order up. It was insanely good and definitely the type of meal that is hard to recreate in a kitchen anywhere outside of Maine. 

From their website: "Our boats went out yesterday, we cooked & picked the lobster this morning, now we’re making your lobster roll, That’s fresh!”

Since we were only able to try this one place during this visit to the area, we are curious of our readers: do you have a favorite lobster roll spot in Maine?