Q', Hot Springs Style

It looks how it looks but it tastes like "Stop talking until I'm done eating." 

It looks how it looks but it tastes like "Stop talking until I'm done eating." 

Between the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Texas sits another heartland of American barbecue (Q')—Arkansas—and folks there have a strong opinion about who makes the best around. In fact, we asked every park ranger and volunteer ranger we met at Hot Springs National Park where to find mind blowing Q' and they all had a different favorite place to go. One man, insisted he made the best. McClard's is the most famous because it has the endorsement of Hot Springs' most famous home-towner: President Bill Clinton. We went to Ranger Lissa's favorite place: Smokin' In Style.

Now, I don't know if this is the best in town because we have no other establishment to compare it to, but we can ring our own endorsement that it was absolutely delicious, cheap, and the company was most excellent too—all important and comforting things while eating on the road. 

Mrs. Mac's Kitchen, Key Largo, Florida

One of the most exciting things about road tripping is finding gem's to explore along the route. Wanting some good local eats near Biscayne National Park, we were directed to Mrs. Mac's Kitchen in Key Largo. 

I'd say it lives up to the Key Largo hype. We were told that the original Mrs. Macs is far superior to Mrs. Mac's II just down the street, but the more newly established sister location had a nice big fat parking spot suitable for a full size vehicle and our Airstream so opted to eat there  our rationale was that, we didn't know the difference, it would either be to our liking or not. Delicious blackened Mahi sandwich, diner feel, "world famous" key lime pie... What's not to love?!

99336 Overseas HWY, Key Largo, FL 33037