Illustrations Inspired by Our National Parks!

I like to draw, so typically when I hit the road on an epic adventure, I have in my bag artist tools -- graphite, paper, markers, colored pencils, gum erasers, and a sharpener. This adventure is no different, I am still carrying these items. Also in my bag are a few other tools that pack light and allow me to create digital renderings that I can easily transmit from app to site to platform. 

The first drawing that I've deemed "complete" enough to share (that can be a tough determination) is of our home during this project, Wally the Airstream, inspired by our time in Death Valley National Park. It was created on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil with the mobile app Procreate.

Starting out, I had no idea what I was doing so I loaded a series of sketching appsAdobe Sketch, Forge, Sketches Proand gave some thought to what I've seen so far this year and to what I wanted to create. Then I took to drawing while riding passenger in long expanses of open road. As soon as I thought I was "on to something," I would discover another sketching capability in this app or the other, or a new pressure angle on the Apple Pencil, that would steer me in a new direction. While trying to finish a drawing this was frustrating; while trying to make something look cool, this was awesome. After many, many, many drafts of drawings in different styles, I started to gain an understanding of the different workspaces. Ultimately I chose to favor Procreate because it combines many of the aspects of Adobe graphic art programs that I love (particularly, it has layers) and for me, it is the most intuitive as a result of my familiarity of such programs. 

I have an entire collection of National Parks inspired illustrations in the works and will share them when they are ... complete. 

In the meantime, I hope that you enjoy my first drawing. :)